Atlante to rely on Wallbox Chargers for Southern European network

The fast-charging provider Atlante has selected Spain's charging infrastructure firm Wallbox as its preferred hardware partner. Wallbox will supply its Supernova line for a massive deployment across southern Europe.

Image: Wallbox Chargers

Atlante recently received a grant of nearly 50 million euros through the European Union to further accelerate its plan to install 5,000 fast-charging points by 2025 and over 35,000 by 2030 across Spain, Italy, France, and Portugal. 

The company has now chosen Wallbox as a preferred partner in setting up said network and says that the choice was due to Wallbox Charger’s “production capacity and global leadership in manufacturing superfast chargers for EVs”.

Founded in Barcelona in 2015, Wallbox has made huge strides towards industrialisation in recent years. The company opened its European production facility in Spain in 2022 and produces almost 1,200 chargers daily. Eventually, capacity is expected to increase to more than 750,000 units annually. Wallbox Chargers is also active in the USA, with manufacturing set in Texas.

Staying in Europe, the company will supply Atlante with its Supernova fast-charging station in both versions, delivering 60 or 150 kW since the latest upgrade. 

Atlante adds that the network will run along the “primary transportation arteries linking Southern Europe” in compliance with the EU’s stipulation of having at least one charge point per 60 kilometres on the core road network of the European Union and one for every 100 km on the Trans-European network. 

Additionally, Atlante will install charging stations in parking lots and strategic urban areas. This is also concerning plans connected to Stellantis and unveiled in 2021. Atlante is to build DC chargers in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal as part of Stellantis’ planned European charging network, which by 2025 will include more than 15,000 sites with a total of two million parking spaces and will be open to the public. However, many of these chargers will be AC stations, not just the DC charge points announced today.

In today’s update, the Milan-based company says it has over 3,500 charging points online and under construction.

In 2022 and 2023, Atlante was selected to receive approximately €73 million in grants from the European Union under the CEF 2 Transport – Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Facility program AFIF.

Enric Asunción, CEO and co-founder of Wallbox said Atlante was a “strategic partner with whom we share a long-term vision and with whom we will provide our customers with the best possible electric charging experience.” 

The companies have worked together since Wallbox installed Atlante chargers in Italy last year.

Stefano Terranova, CEO of Atlante, said, “From the very beginning, we have believed in Wallbox’s fast and ultra-fast charging solutions, convinced of the seriousness of Enric and his team’s approach in conceiving and manufacturing high-quality products designed specifically for our markets.” He added they “exclusively use top-tier chargers and have only a few selected partners like Wallbox, whose products complement our offering in the fast-charging segment”. 



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