Solaris to deliver 20 Urbino 12 Hydrogen buses to Wałbrzych

The Polish city of Wałbrzych has ordered 20 Urbino 12 Hydrogen buses from Solaris, with an option for 25 more. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in September 2024.

Image: Solaris

Wałbrzych is a city in south-western Poland near the border with the Czech Republic with a population of around 110,000. The vehicles that have now been ordered will be the first hydrogen city buses in the municipality. “Wałbrzych is thus yet another Polish city that is investing in sustainable hydrogen-based public transport,” Solaris announced. Hydrogen buses from the Polish manufacturer are already in operation in Konin, Poznań and Lublin.

Deliveries of the Urbino 12 Hydrogen for Wałbrzych are scheduled to begin in September 2024 with the first 14 units. The remaining six H2 buses are to follow by July 2025. No further details of the vehicles ordered are given.

Solaris presented the current generation of its twelve-metre solo bus with fuel cell, the Urbino 12 hydrogen, in 2019. The market launch of the Urbino 18 hydrogen FC articulated bus did not take place until September 2022. The two vehicles use slightly different fuel cell systems: according to Solaris, hydrogen fuel cell units with 70 kW are installed in the twelve-metre version, while 100 kW are available in the longer version.

“Solaris is committed to creating more sustainable and environmentally friendly towns and cities. We are extremely proud that the city of Wałbrzych has chosen us as a partner to introduce hydrogen technology to its public transport. Hydrogen buses improve the quality of air in the city and, at the same time, they offer long ranges and superior travel comfort,” said Dariusz Michalak, CTO at Solaris Bus & Coach. According to his company, it has delivered over 150 hydrogen buses to date and has over 450 on order.



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