Share Now leaves Copenhagen and GreenMobility steps up

Denmark's EV-sharing company wants to increase its fleet in Copenhagen and says the move directly results from main rival Share Now leaving town. GreenMobility now targets deploying another 1,000 electric vehicles in the Danish capital.

Image: GreenMobility

This is supposedly about the same number of Share Now vehicles going out of circulation on 29 February 2024. GreenMobility states that it plans to cover the shared cars Share Now will remove “so that none of the many thousands of Copenhageners who have become accustomed to having easy access to a shared car will be left in the lurch”.

Share Now has been active in the Danish capital since 2015, first under Drive Now and recently under Arriva Danmark as operator. 

Its CEO, Marianne Bøttger, said today,” We firmly believe that car sharing is here to stay as a central element in the cityscape and, as such, should be seen as part of an overall mobility offer in conjunction with public transport.” 

But, she added, “running a car-sharing service in Copenhagen requires an investment – also in the future”, and it is an investment Arriva is not ready to make. “As a company, we are in a situation where we need to focus and target our ambitions and investments in our core business, which is the operation of buses and trains,” she said. 

The situation looks different at GreenMobility. The company launched in Copenhagen as early as 2016, already with a dedicated EV-only service. As such, it has been the main competitor in free float car-sharing in Denmark to Share Now, a fact the company acknowledged today. “From GreenMobility a thanks for the challenges over the years and at the same time the mutual focus on growing shared mobility in Copenhagen,” reads the statement.

Which cars and when GreenMobility will deploy the 1,000 EVs announced today remains to be seen. The company only said it planned an increase in its largest market and expects this to have a “significant and positive impact” on its revenue in Copenhagen in 2024.

GreenMobility is also active in Oslo, Vienna, Amsterdam and Dublin, among other cities and often relies on Renault electric cars. By 2025, the car sharer wants to be represented in 35 cities with 10,000 electric vehicles.

GreenMobility cars are free-floating, and drivers pay by the minute or via minute packages. There are also day rates or a subscription.

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