Paris to vote on parking charge by vehicle size

Paris wants to increase parking fees for heavy cars, making the city less attractive for large SUVs in particular. The citizens of the French capital are to vote on this proposal in February 2024.

Image: Pixabay

As it is difficult to differentiate between SUVs and other models, parking fees are to be calculated based on vehicle weight. Specifically, higher charges are planned for cars with combustion engines over 1.6 tons and for electric cars over two tons. To determine the weight, the license plates linked to the model and weight are to be scanned.

“We need to reduce the number and the size of cars in the city, that is why we will submit to a vote the question of how much space there should be for this type of vehicle in Paris,” Deputy Mayor David Belliard told Reuters. Belliard, like Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, is a Green politician. Under Hidalgo, the pressure on car drivers in the French capital has been increased for years by raising parking fees, gradually banning diesel vehicles and expanding the cycle path network at the same time.

The Paris city council has already banned electric rental scooters from the city’s streets this year, also following a vote by citizens.



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