Mahle charging solution becomes part of inductive charging standard

SAE International has selected a positioning system from supplier Mahle as the global alignment methodology for electric vehicle wireless charging under the upcoming SAE J2954 standard.

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The manufacturer-independent Mahle positioning system DIPS (Differential Inductive Positioning System) is based on a magnetic field and automatically establishes a connection with the controlled charging point as the electric vehicle approaches, according to the German supplier. A special navigation system in the vehicle display supports the driver so that the car is in the ideal position. The charging process starts automatically.

According to Mahle, this also works with an autonomously parking vehicle, where the parking system receives the necessary positioning instructions instead of the driver. And even in “unfavorable environmental conditions” – such as a layer of snow in winter or damp leaves in autumn – the parking process should be “very simple and reproducible”.

DIPS also functions while driving

The charging pad on the infrastructure side – also called the “ground assembly” by the SAE – generates a low-frequency, low-intensity magnetic field in the DIPS with several coils. The “vehicle assembly” detects this magnetic field and can use it for positioning. In future, the system will also enable dynamic charging via induction coils while driving. Mahle – together with Electreon Wireless – has also formulated the standard for this.

This solution has nothing to do with the way in which the energy is transmitted inductively – it is about the precise alignment of the vehicle above the charging pad on the ground. Nevertheless, it is an important piece of the puzzle for the spread of inductive charging solutions that the vehicles align themselves over the charging pad according to a standardized system. Inductive charging in accordance with SAE J2954 should enable charging processes with up to 93 percent efficiency.

When it comes to charging infrastructure, Mahle has long been focusing on wireless charging as a convenient and promising alternative for electric vehicles. “Siemens and Witricity are two strong partners at our side with whom we are jointly advancing the complete system of charging infrastructure and automotive engineering,” says Harald Straky, Head of Central Group Research and Advanced Engineering at Mahle.

Arnd Franz, Chairman of the Mahle Group Management Board and CEO, is also convinced by the solution. “MAHLE is setting standards. The renowned SAE’s decision in favor of our technology confirms the systems expertise of MAHLE in electrification as well. This will be a strong impetus for e-mobility,” says Franz. “This will be a strong impetus for e-mobility.”

SAE International brings together over 128,000 engineers and technology experts from the aerospace, automotive and commercial vehicle industries. “EV charging should be as simple as parking in the right spot and walking away, SAE J2954 Standard enables this,” says Jesse Schneider, Chairman of the SAE Wireless Power Transfer Task Force (ZEV Station). “The SAE J2954 Taskforce decided on the standardized alignment method DIPS, completing the standard, making a seamless and automated, all-weather wireless charging & parking. With this, the team has solved the missing link for wireless charging commercialization for EVs.”

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