The Swedish electric truck charging network is growing

Circle K has opened another 16 charge points for heavy-duty vehicles in Sweden. Spread across five pit stops on key transit routes, these join a growing network of truck charging hubs emerging in Sweden.

Image: Circle K

The latest additions by Circle K are in Hudiksvall, Mantorp, Malmö, Spillepengen and Bollebygd. All chargers deliver up to 360 kW. Amenities such as shops and bathrooms are almost a given since Circle K reutilises its rest stops. There is also security parking that serves as a daytime rest area.

The Swedish Energy Agency has financed the new charging stations within the Regional Electrification Pilots for Heavy Transport framework. It is unknown how much the agency and Circle K invested.

In June, the fuel retailer reportedly opened 20 new charging points for e-trucks (in addition to14 charge points installed in early 2023 at the Port of Gothenburg, in Kiruna, Gällivare and Arvidsjaur) and says it now offers a total of 50 such charging stations in Sweden. The company adds that it targets operating 90 by next year.

In addition to the 360 kW chargers, Circle K plans to install two megawatt chargers and provide hydrogen at selected locations as part of a project called E-Charge, partly funded by the Swedish government agency Vinnova.

“It’s always fun when you’re in the lead, and we really are when it comes to charging infrastructure for heavy traffic,” says Lennart Olsson, responsible for charging heavy traffic at Circle K.

Circle K is not the only provider of fast chargers for electric trucks in Sweden. Recently, the harbour operator and Göteborg Energi put four charging points with a capacity of up to 350 kW into operation at the port of Gothenburg. These are in addition to the installation by Circle K. The port on Sweden’s west coast is the largest in the Nordics and handles over a million trucks every year. The port says it is already prioritising electric trucks.

This is also true in other news of today in which the Port of Antwerp-Bruges has commissioned Milence to install truck charging facilities with outputs of up to 400 kW per charger.



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