Tesla faces strike in Sweden

Although Tesla does not manufacture its vehicles in Sweden, the manufacturer's electric cars are serviced in the country by more than 120 mechanics. These are now also being supported in their strike by dock workers who are refusing to unload Tesla vehicles.

Image: Tesla

The mechanics employed by Tesla in Sweden are organized in the IF Metall union. After their employer rejected their demand for collective agreements, they went on strike on October 27. According to Reuters, they are now being supported by port workers.

They are said to have joined the mechanics’ strike on November 7, blocking the four largest Swedish ports for Tesla cars. The action was extended to all ports last Friday. Reuters quotes a spokesman for the Transport union (which organizes the dock workers) as saying that the Swedish ports often receive one to three deliveries of Tesla cars per week. Not a single delivery is said to have been made since the strike began.

Tesla is known to avoid collective agreements. In the USA and Germany – Tesla’s current production nations – there are none. Should this change as a result of the protest in Sweden, it could possibly set a precedent that would have an impact in other countries.

Marie Nilsson, head of IF Metall, told Reuters that the union had received indications at the beginning of the dispute that Tesla was using strike-breaking tactics by flying in workers from other countries. But the union wants to counter this: According to Nilsson, IF Metall has no intention of ending the strike any time soon. “As long as it is needed,” she said.


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about „Tesla faces strike in Sweden“
21.11.2023 um 10:13
95% of the workers does not want the IF Metall union. Please read up on more local news from Sweden.

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