Izivia will install 2,000 high-power charge points at McDonald’s in France

700 McDonald's branches will offer 2,000 high-power charge points by 2025. EDF-owned Izivia will act as charge point operator and says the new network will represent a 25% increase in ultra-rapid chargers open to the public in France.

Image: Izivia

According to Izivia, the HPC stations will deliver 150 kW to 200 kW and run under the ‘Izivia Fast’ label. The charges will be fast enough to recharge up to 80 per cent of the range in 20 minutes, enough time to eat a burger.

McDonald’s runs 1,539 fast food outlets in France. With 700 equipped with charging stations, nearly every second restaurant will boost at least one or two ultra-rapid chargers.

Rémi Rocca, Senior Director of Impact for McDonald’s France, said they were “delighted to be rolling out this new national network of electric charging points.”

Izivia, in its statement, thanked McDonald’s France and Crédit Mutuel Impact for their support. The CPO has not disclosed the level of investment but said the Izivia Fast network was “co-financed by Izivia and the Siloé Infrastructures Fund managed by Crédit Mutuel Impact via a special purpose vehicle”. The contract, including services, will last twelve years.

There has been no mention of tariffs either other than an “attractive price” that clients may pay via card, online or with the Izivia Pass.

“With this new network, Izivia confirms its ambition to become a leader in fast-charging, for the benefit of all electromobilists, not just in major cities, but by guaranteeing nationwide coverage,” said Christelle Vives, Managing Director of Izivia.

EDF founded Izivia in 1998, then called Sodetrel, before renaming Izivia in 2018. The company is now active as a charging network operator and provider of charging infrastructure. Its target groups include local authorities and companies.

“Our Siloé Infrastructures fund was created in 2020 by Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale to finance high-impact green infrastructure. It could hardly have found a more appropriate project,” said Benoit Herrmann, Head of Crédit Mutuel Impact. “A network of this kind, managed by an operator as experienced as Izivia, an EDF subsidiary, will make travelling by electric car much more feasible for many households.”

McDonald’s is reportedly no stranger to EV charging, either. The fast food chain runs cooperations with Instavolt in the UK, where they target 10,000 chargers by 2030. Smaller advances are also underway with Mer in Austria and Enel X in Italy.

izivia.com, linkedin.com (all in French)


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