Fiat opens order books for its revised electric vans

Fiat Professional has opened orders for its revised model range in the first European countries. The new editions of the E-Ducato, E-Doblò and E-Scudo, presented a few days ago along with the vans and transporters from other Stellantis brands, can now be ordered in Italy and France.

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In Italy, the E-Doblò starts at 31,600 euros as a panel van. With the “Crew Cab” body, it costs at least 34,250 euros. The E-Ducato with the new 110 kWh battery starts at 53,000 euros, although only the chassis with a single cab is available at that price. The chassis with a crew cab starts at 55,400 euros, while the cheapest panel van is listed at 55,700 euros. With seats for passenger transport, the E-Ducato with its new 200 kW drive unit costs at least 56,200 euros. The E-Scudo was not yet listed in the Italian configurator at the time this article was published.

In Fiat Professional’s French configurator, the E-Doblò is offered at prices starting at 32,900 euros, i.e. 1,300 euros more expensive than in Italy. However, the E-Scudo is already listed in France: With the 50 kWh battery, the model is available from 39,300 euros, for which the M model is now available – the short S body with a length of 4.60 metres is no longer offered. The variant with the large 75 kWh battery is available in France from 43,900 euros. All prices quoted are net.

Unfortunately, the prices of the new E-Ducato in France were still hidden in the configurator. Currently, it is only possible to filter between the previous battery variants with 47 or 79 kWh. However, the revised model is only available with the 110 kWh battery mentioned above.

Stellantis presented the new E-Ducato and the other models at its “Commercial Vehicles Ambition Day” in October. However, not all the technical details were explained, and the announcements from the individual Stellantis brands also left some questions about the drive system unanswered. For example, the E-Doblò and E-Scudo will retain the familiar 100 kW output. However, Fiat Professional is now talking about a new ” in-house electric version” – so it is likely to be a 100 kW version of the in-house development by Stellantis and Nidec. In the passenger car models, this drive is offered with 115 kW.

As this drive is said to be significantly more efficient than the previous EMR3 from Vitesco Technologies, the range of the panel van increases by 50 kilometres to 330 kilometres (also thanks to other measures such as a heat pump). In comparison, the E-Scudo midsize van has a range of 20 kilometres more, i.e. up to 350 kilometres.

The large Fiat E-Ducato and its sister models now have a range of up to 420 kilometres with the 110 kWh battery – specifically in the L3H2 Panel Van variant. However, due to the different bodies and weights, the range can vary greatly depending on the variant. The DC charging power of up to 150 kW and the drive power of 200 kW are standardised for all variants.

The next markets to follow will be Germany, the Benelux countries, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Poland, UK, and Austria, as announced by Fiat Professional. The (base) prices in these countries are not yet known.

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