Tesla opens select Superchargers in South Korea for all EVs

South Korea has joined the range of countries with open Supercharger access. Tesla has made some hubs available to drivers of any EV; at present, about 80 Supercharger sites have enabled access, with more to come online.

Image: Tesla

The company announced the opening on X, formerly Twitter. Also on X, Tesla announced the opening of its 1,000 Supercharger stall in South Korea in November. All these sites shall now open to third-party EVs sequentially – a tactic the US electric carmaker also applied in Europe. This is the latest move in Tesla opening its Supercharger network to electric vehicles across the globe.

Tesla’s ‘Non-Tesla pilot’ is available in over 20 countries, including 15 European countries such as Germany, France and the UK.

Aside from Europe, Superchargers have also started to open in China, Australia and New Zealand. In China, most recently, SAIC-GM made a deal with Tesla to get in-app access to the entire network.

In North America, Tesla is going further and managed to push its own charge plug as a de-facto standard – in return for opening access to its network via adapters. From 2025, most major carmakers will equip their US models with NACS plugs, as reported.

In Europe and the rest of the world, Tesla cars come with CCS connectors. There, Tesla reportedly has turned supplier of EV charging hardware to clients such as BP or the equally British EG Group. Both ordered Tesla V4 generation chargers said to have been optimised for any EV use.

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