VW ID.7 now on sale in Germany

Image: Volkswagen

The all-electric VW ID.7 has gone on pre-sale in Germany. The configurator allows a first glimpse into the positioning of the saloon expected to become Volkswagen’s interim flagship for the long haul.

Volkswagen debuted the ID.7 in the spring of this year, then positioned the new ID EV as trimmed for range and comfort. In Europe, the Group wants to reform the mighty Passat clientele to driving electric in the ID.7. Simultaneously, the 700-kilometre range announced at the time appeared geared to convince buyers in the US and China.

The Pro trim, now launched in Germany, does not drive quite as far on a single charge but gets close – in WLTP, the ID.7 Pro rates 621 kilometres thanks to the familiar 77 kWh battery pack. Production began in Emden a few days ago.

That the 700-km range ID.7 Pro S with the new 86-kWh battery pack would follow at a later date was already known at the sedan’s premiere in mid-April. In today’s pre-sales announcement, VW does not mention when exactly the Pro S will become available and at what price.

What is clear is that both ID.7 battery options will power the new APP550 e-motor and not the usual 150 kW unit. The new motor has more power (210 kW) and is supposed to be more efficient at the same time.

The Group emphasises the ID.7 comes equipped with “particularly convenient and high-quality technologies”. For example, the augmented reality head-up display and the ‘Discover Pro Max’ navigation are standard equipment, as is the keyless access. Also on board are Travel Assist, Lane Assist, Emergency Assist, Side Assist systems and cameras. Incidentally, the ID.7 is fitted with 19-inch aluminium wheels ex works. However, a random check in the online configurator revealed that the optional trailer coupling (€990) is only available with 20-inch wheels for an additional €515.

Among the more fancy yet optional treats is the large panoramic sunroof with “smart glass” that changes transparency by touch or voice control. But again, it only combines with the Exterior Package Plus for an extra €1,175. The heat pump is still not standard and must be ordered separately for the usual €990.

So, while the VW ID.7 Pro starts at €56,995 in Germany, the price can easily rise to over 68,000 euros with just a few clicks. Even with the more spartan interior and exterior package variants, it is more than 60,000 euros.

At the same time, Volkswagen has positioned the car as premium and says the ID.7 “rounds off the upper end” of the ID. family.

Imelda Labbé, Member of the Board of Management for Sales, Marketing and After Sales, adds the model represented “the new benchmark for all-electric premium models” from the Group. “The new ID.7 will impress our customers all over the world thanks to its long ranges, quick charging, spacious interior and intuitive operation.”

When the ID.7 will become available elsewhere, namely in the US and China, remains unclear. Or if, since, in the US, this will depend on trade agreements because Volkswagen will build the ID.7 for export to the US in Emden.

In China, VW’s local joint ventures will take on manufacturing as usual. So far, Volkswagen has only registered one variant with the authorities and specified a 150 kW engine and a 77 kWh battery from FAW-CATL. It is unknown whether the new 210 kW engine with the larger battery will also reach China.

Additional reporting by Sebastian Schaal, Germany.


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about „VW ID.7 now on sale in Germany“
24.08.2023 um 17:56
Finally! But I expected a lower price to better compete with Model 3 Long Rage. I know the ID.7 is bigger, closer to Model S, but people will still cross shop especially considering that Model 3 has a trunk of 561L and a frunk of 88L for a total of 649L, while the ID.7 has a trunk of only 532L. Probably the cabin space is bigger in the ID.7.

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